Mixed Media Shadow Boxes with Lynn Karregeannes (1:00pm - 3:00pm)
A mixed media memory box is a place where you can capture, honor, or focus on something that is important to you.  You will be building a story in a box. The theme of the box might be a person, a trip, or an event you want to remember.  It might be a beloved pet you have lost.  Or it might be a special hobby, collection, or interest.
To capture a memory specifically and artistically is to honor a person or event that has touched and enriched our lives. In doing so, we also briefly relive the moment and perhaps create an object that can be kept in one’s own collection or passed on to others for years to come.”
~Anna Corba in Making Memory Boxes
We will start with a blank box or container as our base.  Lynn will bring a variety of boxes and containers to choose from.  Lynn will also bring an abundance of items to choose from in creating your themed box.  She will also bring all necessary paints, glues, and papers.
Please bring any small items from home that you would like to incorporate into your memory box.  These items might be such things as ticket stubs, photos, museum postcards, broken jewelry, buttons, items from nature…. The possibilities are endless.  The main restriction is that these items must be fairly small.  Also please bring a $5 material fee to cover the materials provided by the instructor.
Last Published: October 4, 2017 11:22 AM