Congregational Care Ministries


The Ministries of Congregational Care at Central UMC aim to nurture our members and others in need of care in our area. The precedent for care comes from Jesus who spent much of his ministry healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and turning the world upside down with the depths of God’s mercy. Jesus says “blessed are those who are merciful… blessed are those who mourn… blessed are those who are poor in spirit…”. These are the people who will receive mercy, be comforted, and who will receive the kingdom of God. We believe that by caring for others we encounter the living God in ways that reach far beyond our imagination or expectations. To care for the friend or stranger in our midst is to care for Jesus Christ himself. Our care for folks is universal and holistic.



Hospital Visitation News. Please do not hesitate to call (828) 253-3316 ext.1305 and leave a message for Lisa Rettew.  A visit and prayer is a small way we acknowledge God’s providence and care in our lives. Oftentimes, doctors and nurses enjoy the prayer beforehand too. Please be aware that unless you tell us you are having surgery or are in the hospital we do not know because of the new privacy laws (HIPAA). You can email, call, or place on a prayer request card your surgery and we will make every effort to be with you.  


Distribution of Holy Communion.  One of the most powerful things we can do for one another is share in the gift of Holy Communion.  Did you know that you can take the elements that have been blessed and serve them to others? There are many people unable to come to church but are hungry for communion. 



Pastoral Prayers. Pastoral prayer is a powerful contributor to the church's worship. Pastoral prayer is a cherised time when the pastor intercedes for the welfare of the church, gathering up praises and petitions, humbly offering them to a caring and attentive God.

Current Pastoral Prayer


February 19, 2017:


God, gather us to be with you as you are with us.

Soothe our tiredness...quiet our fretfulness...curb our aimlessness...
let us be easy for a moment.
God, gather us to be with you as you are with us. 
Release us from the fears and guilts which grip us so tightly;
from the expectations and opinions which we so tightly hold on to...
that we may be open to learn something refreshingly different.
God, gather us to be with you as you are with us.
Forgive us for claiming so much for ourselves, that we leave no room for gratitude;
for complaining so much of our burdens that we become a burden;
for competing against others that we stop celebrating them and receiving your blessing through their gifts.
God, gather us to be with you as you are with us.
Keep us in touch with ourselves...with our needs...our anxieties...our angers...our pains;
that we may claim them as our own rather than blame them on someone else.
God, gather us to be with you as you are with us. 
Deepen our wounds into wisdom...gentle our envy into enjoyment....
our fear into trust...our guilt into honesty.
God, gather us to be with you as you are with us... 
as we join our voices together to pray the prayer your son Jesus Christ taught us to pray...


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