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NEW - Central Parking Stickers


Central Parking Stickers are available: 

  • Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour at the reception desk.
  • Business hours, Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, at the reception desk.


Enforcement of stickers begins Dec. 14.
Having a sticker helps ensure that parking is available for Central members.

  • Display your sticker on the driver side rear bumper or driver side rear window.
  • If you have more than one family car, it's OK to have a sticker for each car.
  • Providing your license plate number (optional) allows Central to know who to contact if there is a problem (such as being blocked in).
  • If you ever receive a McLaurin Parking ticket while in a Central parking lot, contact Alan Gibson (253-3316) to have the ticket voided.
Directions, Location
Parking for CUMC


Parking Update (01-18-17)

Friends of Central UMC, many of you use the Capital Center parking lot on Sunday mornings (lot between the Buncombe County parking deck construction and Commerce St.), and on the weekend of February 24 - 26, 2017, the Capital Center lot will not be available for church parking. Please update your plans accordingly.


In addition to Sunday morning parking in Central lots and surrounding business lots, Buncombe County provides 140 free parking spaces on Aston St. and Ravenscroft Dr.


Parking Stickers (update 12-16-15)

Thanks to everyone who picked up a parking sticker. McLaurin Parking began monitoring our parking lots this week. Parking stickers will help ensure our parking spaces are available for Central members and guests. Parking stickers may be obtained at the reception desk on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour, or during weekday business hours. If you receive a parking citation from McLaurin Parking while in a Central Parking Lot, contact Alan @ 828-253-3316 to have the citation voided.


Parking Updates, Maps & General Information located:

Online at

Large display maps at the office entrance lobby

Paper maps outside the Sanctuary and Reception Desk

Call Alan at the church office @ 828-253-3316 ext. 1313


Parking Update 10-20-15

The Ebb and Flow of Parking - Last March we announced to the congregation an additional 136 free Sunday morning parking spaces made available by Buncombe County.  These spots are provided until construction of the Buncombe County parking deck is complete and are currently utilized by church members.  And then, last week the company that owns the 50 parking spaces directly behind Central's kitchen and playground began charging a fee for parking 24/7.


Parking in downtown Asheville evolves and is challenging.  However, due to the strong relationships we have with our neighbors and community, and the foresight of our Trustees, we have good parking options available now and in the future.


400 Parking Spaces - Free Sunday Morning Parking Available Right Now - Click on the appropriate button below to see the locations of free Sunday morning parking.  Central owns the small lot behind our sanctuary, the front parking lot on Church Street, and the Old Swannanoa Laundry property parking lots across the street from the sanctuary entrance.  In addition, free Sunday morning parking between the hours of 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. is provided by McGuire Wood & Bissette Law Firm, the Capital Center, Asheville Savings Bank, Gould Killian CPA Group, and Buncombe County.


If you are able to comfortably walk a block, please consider parking in a lot farther from the church.  This will allow members with mobility issues to park closer to the building.


Wednesday Night and Saturday Night Parking - In many ways parking at times other than Sunday mornings is the most challenging.  Click on the appropriate button below to see the locations of the 90 free parking spaces available on Wednesday and Saturday nights.  We continue to look for additional parking options.


Weekday Parking - Church staff are parking away from the Church Street parking lots as much as possible to free up parking for members.


Parking Lot Management - You probably read that Central engaged McLaurin Parking to manage our front and back Church Street parking lots.  The primary goal is to make sure that our parking is available for use by Central members.  Signs and parking stickers have been ordered.  Upon arrival, we will distribute parking stickers on Sunday mornings at the receptionist desk and during the week at the office.  Please contact Alan Gibson or Ed McGowan at the church office with questions or requests.  In the time before the stickers arrive, please do not hesitate to park in the Church Street lots.


Future Parking Options


Buncombe County Parking Deck - A couple years ago, the Central Trustees and Administrative Board began discussions with Buncombe County concerning the County's proposed parking deck across Buncombe Street from Central.  We learned a few months ago that upon completion of the 600+ space parking deck, Central members will be allowed to park free of charge on Sundays between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m.  The location of the deck is ideal for Central and will provide more than enough capacity on Sunday mornings.


A Deck of Our Own - If at some point in the future Central decides to construct our own parking deck, we own the old Swannanoa Laundry property.  At 0.59 acres in size, the property is large enough for a deck and is directly across the street from our sanctuary entrance.


Gratitude - Even in the midst of the frustrations that accompany parking in downtown Asheville, we remain grateful.  For decades we have enjoyed great neighbors.  McGuire Wood & Bissette, Capital Center, Asheville Savings Bank, and others have helped us along the way.  Buncombe County provided short-term and long-term solutions to Sunday morning parking.  And last, Central has benefited from church leadership that began looking at parking issues decades ago.  The options that we now enjoy would not have been possible without leadership that was looking forward and proactive.

If you have any questions or would like a guided parking tour, please contact Alan Gibson (828) 253-3316, ext. 1313.


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