February 2018 Calendar

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Wednesday, February 21st; 5pm - Supper, 6pm - Program (Fellowship Hall)
Sunday, February 25 @ 8:30am in Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, February 28; 6pm - Supper & 7pm - Program (Fellowship Hall)
Friday, March 9th @ 6pm - 9pm; Saturday, March 10th @ 9am - 12pm (Fellowship Hall)
Sunday, March 11 @ 3pm in the Sanctuary of Central UMC
Sunday, March 25th @ 10:30am
Thursday, March 29th @ 6pm in the Fellowship Hall
Thursday, March 29th @ 7pm in the Sanctuary
Friday, March 30th at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary
Sunday, April 1st @ 8:45am & 10:55am
Sunday, April 15 @ 2pm - Mills River Baptist Church
Sunday, April 15th @ noon - 2pm
Confirmation @ Mills River Baptist Church


Sunday, April 15 @ 2pm - Mills River Baptist Church, Rob Blackburn

THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL SERVICE. We will meet after the late worship service at Mils River. We will enjoy a covered dish picnic together underneath their picnic shelter. We will worship and celebrate the sacrament of baptism. Pastor Rob will baptize those who have not been baptized in the river. Others may reaffirm their baptism in the river as well. This beautiful service is open to all families and mentors and their families.


Last Published: February 1, 2018 6:08 PM