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We all have our gifts. The Faith and the Arts Committee is creating a directory of all of our artistically gifted members.  We want to know who are our musicians, actors, visual artists, designers, crafters, Sunday afternoon painters, dancers, performers, etc.

Please click here if you would like to be included in our Artists Directory.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura Mitchell (828) 215-6616.

Faith and the Arts


Statement of Purpose

The Faith and the Arts Committee (formerly the Visual Arts Committee) of Central UMC believes that God calls us to express our love of him in every way possible.  We also believe that there are diverse ways of experiencing the Divine.  We see the visual arts as a medium which can motivate dialogue, encourage understanding, and provide comfort to creators and viewers of art, all of which may serve to stimulate and enhance spiritual growth.


Church Street Gallery Statement

The visual arts gallery of Central UMC will provide our church community with opportunities for evangelism, education, spiritual growth and reflection.  Initially we will seek out local and regional artists for submission.  There will be at least six shows a year which will help the members of Central and our larger community experience and connect more deeply with God.  This gallery will enhance our observation of the liturgical seasons of the Christian year and the various ministry areas of our church.  Overall the gallery will broaden our conception of the Divine as it adds a visual dimension to our church experience.


What we do:

  • Create visual displays to enhance Central UMC's worship services
  • Curate the Church Street Gallery outside of the sanctuary and chapel
  • Serve as a visual arts resource to other groups in the church
  • Seek to beautify the interior of the church building


Join us for our next Faith and the Arts Committee meeting


We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the conference room of our church. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST TO JOIN US.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Hugh Meyer at  





The Faith and the Arts Team created this display for the sermon series on Jonah.



"Beauty is always available.  It is there to be attended to, and art is our human response to whatever we see as beautiful.  Not the kind of beauty we might call pretty or decorative--it can be strong, shocking, confusing, boundary-breaking, thrusting forward in experimental ways--but beauty that most often reflects glory, the glory of our God who created us with the capacity for recognizing, responding, and receiving beauty through the work of artists."

--from the Foreward by Luci Shaw to For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts by W. David O. Taylor



Notecards for Sale

Central UMC's Faith and the Arts Committee is selling notecards featuring the artwork of Monroe Moore.  The images feature different scenes from around the church.  The notecards are available for purchase in Jan Griffin's office during weekly office hours.

Individual cards are $4.  A package of 5 cards is $18.  You support the work of this committee with your purchase.

Monroe Moore ArtMonroe Moore - FrontMonroe Moore - Steeple

The Church Street Gallery presents Elizabeth Carrington




The Church Street Gallery presents Artist Elizabeth Porritt Carrington! 


Here's a bit about Elizabeth (a biographical excerpt from her website):

Elizabeth Porritt Carrington is an Irish born painter of land and mythology. She is presently based in Asheville North Carolina where she works from her studio in the River Arts District. Her work is inspired by her relationships to landscape, their stories and people, her archaeological work in the French Pyrenees and her deep curiosity and enquiry of the experience of being human. Elizabeth plays upon the boundaries of the real and imagined, expressing the often unspoken miracles of our aliveness by fortifying their color, light and form in a liberated palette, practicing a process of focused presence and a unapologetic love of life in all its facets. " it is the crossing of vital points that I focus my work, the beginnings and the ending of days, seasons, lives. It is at the great threshold’s that I have felt most aware of being. Giving birth to my daughter and standing by those loved ones who have died. I have been given a critical and lasting sense of the tenderness and vividness of our actuality. My work is an effort not to forget the gift of life for a moment or fully experience being in this natural world. My paintings are windows of canvas, wood and paper. If they can evoke or inspire a moment' s rest on the majesty in the world, they have done their job well". Asheville 2017




Elizabeth's artwork will be on display in the Church Street Gallery until September 1st. Come out and see her beautiful creations and leave her a message in the guest book!



Learn more about Elizabeth and/or purchase art at her website:



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