Copy of Stewardship 2016 Edited

Giving Everything We Are to God

"The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it." - Psalm 24


The word stewardship most often brings to mind our financial responsibility to the church. Faithful stewardship involves much more than our responsibility. At the heart of stewardship is trust, trust in God to take care of all aspects of our life, including our finances so we can be more generous throughout all areas of our life.


This year's stewardship theme is "Live a simple, intentional life." We've spent months leading up to October looking into ways we can simplify our lives. Life can be busy and it's easy to fill our time and energy with things that make us more harried, worried, and exhausted. Simplifying our life means that we work to clear away the clutter, unburden ourselves from attachments that are not life giving, and move towards creating wholesome space for God's spirit to dwell in us.


In the spirit of simplicity and intentional living, we have simplified the annual stewardship booklet. The story of Central's impact is lived throughout the congregation and beyond. Stories have the power to transform people. Please visit our website and read the stories of how Central is making an impact in the world.


Instead of presenting statistics, we ask that you take time to reflect on your relationship with God and Central. How might you simply trust God by giving your time, your talents, your prayers, and your gifts?



Rob, Julie & the Stewardship Committee

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