~ an article by Stewart Humphrey
~ article from the November 2013 Kairos Weekend
Central's Ministry with Those Incarcerated


“I was in prison and you visited me”. Matthew 25:43


There are children of God who live their lives off our beaten path - the homeless, for instance and those who are in prison. Christ calls his faithful to be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit in every crook and cranny of the world. “Go ye into the entire world”, He tells us and that means the prisons that bind his children as well. There are nearly 40,000 men and women in North Carolina prisons. Studies show that 70% of the children of those fathers and mothers are likely to spend time in prison as well. So ministering to those in prison has a compounding effect as it touches their spouses and their children.


Central volunteers frequent five prison facilities in Western North Carolina and the local jail. The scriptures are taught, reading materials are distributed and Kairos weekend retreats (similar to The Walk to Emmaus) are conducted. Every week there are Central volunteers bringing the message of Christ to those in prison!


Recidivism is reduced from around 70% to less than 20% when individuals encounter Christ in prison ministry. Prison officials tell us that participation in faith based programs and worship experiences are the most successful deterrent to recidivism for the majority of inmates.


John 10:27 (GW) My sheep respond to my voice, and I know who they are. They follow me.


Romans 10:13-16 (GW) “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”  But how can people call on him if they have not believed in him? How can they believe in him if they have not heard his message? How can they hear if no one tells {the Good News}?  How can people tell the Good News if no one sends them? As Scripture says, “How beautiful are the feet of the messengers who announce the Good News.”

Kairos Ministry


Kairos teams are composed of 44 members who will journey into the prison with a mission of bringing Christ's love and forgiveness to the prison residents.  Kairos (a Greek word for time) places a serious focus on training.  Kairos is a word of very special significance in the correctional institution environment where the word "time" carries so many special connotations.  Team meetings prepare the team for this experience.


Kairos Prison Ministry is an Interdenominational team of volunteers -both clergy and laypersons- ministering to the incarcerated. Bringing Christ’s love inside prison is a gift from God, a miracle.  Kairos is a four-day weekend teaching and demonstrating what God's agape love, unconditional love, is like. Click here to view a 7-minute video showing you what a Kairos weekend is all about.  Kairos is very similar to the Methodist Walk to Emmaus weekends, the Catholic, Presbyterian, and Episcopal Cursillo weekends, and the Lutheran Via de Cristo weekends.


The Kairos program serves in 472 prisons and communities (17 in North Carolina) in 35 states in the U.S. and in 9 additional countries: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, South Africa, and the United kingdom. As the Kairos team keeps growing, we can expand the ministry to additional prisons. Visit to see where we serve in North Carolina.

Kairos Map

Christ in Matthew 25 challenges all of us as his disciples to visit those in prison, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and then adds, "inasmuch as you've done it to the least of these, you've done it to me."  While not everyone can easily go inside a prison to fulfill this command, you can go vicariously through participation in this prison ministry.


If you feel the call to share God’s love at Craggy, please feel free to contact John Klees (828) 667-0580.

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P.S.  like to see a glimpse of what a Kairos weekend is all about?



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Kairos #2 Weekend at Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women