New Journey Groups


North Asheville Couples

We are starting a new journey group for couples interested in a family-centered journey group and live in or around the North Asheville area.  If you are interested in this group, please contact Jill Dudley if you have any questions.


South Asheville Couples

A new young couples Journey group has formed and will begin August 30th in South Asheville/Arden for couples in their 20s and 30s.

For more information about this group, please contact Rebecca Rankin or Rev. Patrick Neitzey.



"To journey with God means to listen for that Voice which gives us the sense of sailing true North."

Fredrick Buechner



What is a Journey Group?

A group of six to ten people sharing a Christ-centered discipleship journey.  The group meets regularly to foster spiritual growth, a sense of belonging, and to equip themselves for life and ministry.


What are the core elements of Journey Groups?

Christ-Centered Study    -    Relationship Building    -    Prayer    -    Outreach & Service


Who should participate in Journey Groups?

All who desire to grow in faith and find strength for daily living.


Why do we need Journey Groups?

In the midst of busy lives, overcommitted schedules, and congested areas, it is too easy to feel alone.


What can we expect to get out of a Journey Group?

  • Discover God's purpose for our lives
  • Belong to God and the body of Christ
  • Grow in Christ
  • Experience the joy of Christian fellowship

In essence we are "doing life" together with others on a faith journey.


What Journey Groups are available at Central, and how do I join one?

To see the current list of available journey groups you need to log in to Central City.


Please click on "Member Login" in the upper right portion of this screen.  If you already have an account, proceed to log in.  If you do not already have an account, follow the prompt that says, "Need a login?  Click here."


Once you have logged in, you will see a box in the upper left portion of the screen labelled, "I Want to View...."  Click on "Available Small Groups."  You will then see a list of all our Journey Groups with detailed information about each one.  You can even send an email to the leader of each group directly.

Last Published: September 29, 2016 1:30 PM