Spring 2017/Summer 2017 Youth Calendar
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August 9th - Youth Trip to Carowinds

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Youth Ministry




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We all need Jesus.  As kids get older their peers become a great influence.  As parents and as a church we want the main influence in our children’s lives to be Jesus Christ.  This often happens in group settings as we shepherd our youth into a community that follows Christ.  God made us all different, and knowing that, as a youth department we provide different opportunities to engage in an environment that fits.  Some kids feel comfortable in smaller settings, and some thrive in the larger and louder settings.  Each opportunity for engagement and discipleship listed below is led by trusted volunteer leaders that are part of our covenant community and possess a zeal for Jesus and youth ministry.  The quality of our volunteer leaders, their love for their Jesus, and their passion to relate this reality to our youth is an incredible blessing.

For more information on youth activities, please contact us at (828) 253-3316.

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Youth Slideshows

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Youth 2017 Mission Mini-Week!


Do you think leaving town this Summer is for the BIRDS? Is it TOO HOT to think about spending July melting away in South America?


Why not hang out with Central Youth here in our own Awesome City! Join us for fun fellowship and service as we experience giving to others right in Downtown Asheville.


Wednesday July 26

My God, My Asheville, My Mission! Mini-Week will kick off Wednesday afternoon from 2 - 6 pm as we provide dinner and companionship to our friends in Pritchard Park.


Thursday, July 27

Who Needs Loaves and Fishes


We will take to the streets of Asheville from 3 - 5 pm to see how far we can make $5.00 stretch to glorify God! Will you pool your money to make it go farther, or do your own thing?


Friday, July 28

Asheville Downtown Scavenger Hunt (4 - 6 pm)


What could top that? How about a youth arena lock-in with movies, games, pizza and "Build Your Own" Banana Split/Ice Cream Sunday Midnight Snack (6pm until the rooster crows)


Saturday, July 29

We will rub the sleep out of our eyes, eat breakfast in Youth Arena at 7 am and then head down to LOT (Least of These) kitchen to assist in serving breakfast to those in need from 8 - 11 am.


Pick-up from church between 11 - 11:30 am


Things to bring:


  • Yourselves
  • Your friends
  • Your sleeping bag and pillow (for sleepover Friday)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste and other personal items
  • Any necessary medications (should be give to Andrew McGaha or other chaperone by parents with specific instructions)
  • Parent emergency contact information
  • $10 for pizza and ice cream


P.S. Also happy to have adults with youthful hearts join us in the fun or help volunteer (basically having fun with a purpose).

Permission Slips

2016 Medical Release Form - You only need to fill out one of these per calendar year.

Camp Cedar Cliff Winter Retreat Medical Release Form 

Bolivia Youth Missions Trip


We are going to Bolivia! After I got back from an exploratory trip to Casa de Esperanza, I knew that this was going to be the greatest place to take our youth group. Casa de Esperanza is an orphanage that cares for 80 kids. They provide safe shelter for orphans and adopt the children into a permanent family. Fidel and Charo Corrales are the caregivers who run the “Casa”. They love and care for all the children in the way that Jesus cares for us. As anyone who has visited Casa de Esperanza can attest to, everything that happens there is gospel-centered. From daily tasks to group discipleship, Fidel and Charo share the love of Jesus with all of the children. The Casa de Esperanza team would like to give other families the opportunity to join them in their mission and serve the children with both relationship building and financial support.

The Casa is located in Cara Navi which is a 4 hour drive from La Paz International Airport.

For more info visit their website–

Get the Central UMC Bolivia Information Packet Here