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As I’ve spoken with people at Central over these weeks the one thing that I’ve wanted to communicate is that everyone's a youth minister. As we begin to look to the future of youth ministry at Central its important to remember, it takes a village, better yet, a congregation to instill the love of Christ into the lives of teenagers. Think back to those saints who walked with you, helped make you who you are today. I leave you with this: everyone is a youth minister. It’s simply finding a teenager and their family, worshipping beside them, knowing their names, and recognizing when they’re there and not. When a teenager tells their faith story they'll name more names than Sunday school lessons. I challenge you to be one of those names!
Grace and Peace,
Andrew Mochrie
Director of Youth Ministries

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We all need Jesus.  As kids get older their peers become a great influence.  As parents and as a church we want the main influence in our children’s lives to be Jesus Christ.  This often happens in group settings as we shepherd our youth into a community that follows Christ.  God made us all different, and knowing that, as a youth department we provide different opportunities to engage in an environment that fits.  Some kids feel comfortable in smaller settings, and some thrive in the larger and louder settings.  Each opportunity for engagement and discipleship listed below is led by trusted volunteer leaders that are part of our covenant community and possess a zeal for Jesus and youth ministry.  The quality of our volunteer leaders, their love for their Jesus, and their passion to relate this reality to our youth is an incredible blessing.

For more information on youth activities, please contact us at (828) 253-3316.
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